The Radical Greek Designer Exploring the Concept of Female Wetness

Dimitra Petsa’s performative collection looks closely at the deep female relationship with water, nudity and dress

Performative, sensual, erotic, and wet. These are the words that first spring to mind when considering Dimitra Petsa’s MA collection, Wetness.

Transitioning from a BA in Performance Art onto the MA Fashion at Central Saint Martins, everything from Dimitra’s concept and process, to her final show follow a performative and explorative nature – one embedded with what it means to be a natural, wet, empowered woman.

“We all got naked in the studio and ran around and laughed and cried and danced and screamed,” Petsa explains of her time at Central Saint Martins. “I’d put something on the women and one of them would say ‘Oh no I kind of like it like this, or I like it like that’ and you take feedback!”

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