The Spring/Summer 24 collection tells a story of love - both the physical love and affection one receives, but also the journey to inner self-love and divine beauty. As infants we experience what is closest to unconditional love, a baby is loved for simply existing, they are hugged and touched all over. As we grow the love we receive becomes more and more conditional on what we do, our choices, what we say - and the untouchable areas of our body expand until the only form of touch that is acceptable is a handshake. This collection explores that sense of loss and growth, through the mythology of Aphrodite, Goddess Venus the Erotic woman archetype. During the collection we see different reflections of Aphrodite representing different phases of the journey to self love and the Nostos of unconditional love. A broken venus is being healed.

Bestsellers from Reflections of Venus Collection
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